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 What and When?
Channel 5
Thursday 6th May
06:00 pm 5 News, including First on Five
National and international news with Kirsty Young.
06:30 pm Family Affairs
Max and Fern realise that Arlo has been smoking cannabis and wonder whether they have taken on more than they can handle. Clive suspects all is not well between Serge and Maria when he finds Serge camped out on the sofa.
07:00 pm The Pepsi Chart
Dr Fox presents the latest sounds from London's Sound Republic, featuring live performances and a rundown of the Top 20 chart. In the studio are Cast, who perform 'Beat Mama', and Blondie who sing their new single, 'Nothing Is Real but the Girl'.
07:30 pm Wild Tracks
Wildlife documentary which looks at the crocodiles that inhabit Lake Rudolph, in northern Kenya.
08:00 pm Stars and Cars
Fast-paced motor and lifestyle talk show presented by Henry Cole.
08:30 pm Viva Espana
Fly-on-the-wall documentary series recording the trials and tribulations of expats living on the Costa del Sol. In this programme, it's Michael's big day at the village fiesta. The fete also serves as a welcome distraction for Marion and Derek, who take time out from their property problems to join in the fun. But things are still not going well for Karen, and Francis has problems with the drains down at the restaurant.
09:00 pm Harvest of Fire
A mystery-drama about a dedicated career woman whose new FBI assignment is to discover who is behind the burning of Amish barns. Despite misgivings from her boyfriend, in order to get to the bottom of the crime she must get to know the Amish people and their ways.
10:55 pm
A Thong for Europe RealPlayer
Ailsa Greenhalgh presents the first ever European male striptease contest from the Hippodrome in London.
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